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Where are the 13 percent?

January 9th, 2013 | Alina Müller

Immigrants in the UK are taking quite a beating these days.

Immigrants, the government seems to suggest, have problems ‘forming social bonds’ and building relationships with their neighbours and can ruin the community spirit. Even primary school children have been pointed out as a problem for social cohesion.

They put pressure on the infrastructure and ruin public service. They increase the house prices, keep ‘local people’ from getting a job and force them onto benefits.

Immigrant students are called ‘bogus’, and are kick out of universities and threatened to be deported. (How important it is that they are ‘bogus’ or not is unclear, as Theresa May remarked that they’re “not the best or the brightest” anyway. )

We hear that immigrant couples are probably fake and their marriage often a sham. They decided that if you’re an immigrant in love with a British person you shouldn’t be allowed to live here unless your partner is at least moderately rich. They also decided as a consequence that children who have an immigrant parent should get used to living without them.

The government even learned to use the power of social media to drive the message home – that if they really want they can come to your work or your house at dawn and drag you out of the country in handcuffs.  Finally, a few weeks ago, they decided to stop beating around the bush, and just text immigrants directly to leave the UK.

In the mids of this, the latest census was published. It showed that 13 percent of the total population of England and Wales – that is 7.5 million people – are born abroad.

Surely at some point a significant number of them will stand up and shout  ‘You talkin’ to me?