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The tide might be turning

December 24th, 2011 | Alina Müller

Picking us up from the airport in Montevideo, one of the first things the taxi driver asked was how people in London were holding up, the financial crisis and all. Is it as bad as in Spain, Portugal and Italy, our Uruguayan taxi driver wanted to know. We gave him the generic answer ‘London is not too bad given the circumstances, but young people are finding it increasingly difficult to find a job’.  His advice was simple: ‘You should just move here or to Brazil. The economy is booming, you know.’

A few days later the Uruguayan news paper ‘El Pais’ was reporting on the high unemployment rates among young people in Spain, Italy, Ireland and Bulgaria- all well over 20%. The paper also reported on the fact that net migration to the US has dropped severely in 2011 due to the economical crisis.

On the same page, there was an article about property prices in Punta del Este going up by 3% as a result of the increasing interest of Brazilians in spending their holidays there.

The Guardian a few days ago published an article which gives an overview of the immigration policies of different Latin American countries, Australia and Canada. Apparently, Argentina is currently operating an open-doors policy.

It might be a bit premature to proclaim that the tide is turning but there is definitely something in the air.

From Istanbul with love

April 26th, 2011 | Alina Müller

I came across this poem by Nazim Hikmet at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.